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The Man Manage Clinic offers health care, psychological treatment and therapy  by experienced physicians

Many companies have employees of specific importance for the business. When they are affected by disease or problems in life, it may have serious effects on the individual but also on the company. We offer a unique combination of health care and psychological intervention or therapy. In doing so, we have assembled a few of Sweden's most experienced doctors.


Flight symptoms affect both the individual and the company

We know that flight symptoms or inappropriate behaviors often co-exist with psychiatric symptoms or needs of psychological development. Many people neglect these needs or turn into different forms of flight behavior. The symptoms can be anything from heart palpitations, fatigue, feelings of discomfort to hypertension or obesity. Or inability to accomplish in critical situations of private life, business or sports. Examples of flight behaviour are abuse of work, alcohol and relations. Avoidance of challenges, not facing the needs of personal development or  development of the company, can also be expressions of flight.



The functional level of the individual is directly connected to the potential and the results of the company

Flight behaviors are signs of imbalance and can cause long lasting psychological problems och chronic diseases. And the company will be deprived of developmental potential and positive business outcome. Or in worst case scenarios, we can see how flight behavior result in a short sighted decision that may benefit the individual, but not company in a long term perspective. The behavior of the individual is directly connected to the results and the potential of the company.


Contact and discretion

If your company needs our help for employees, you are welcome to contact the Man Manage Clinic. At the first consultation, we will make a overview analysis of needs for change. The work is performed with highest discretion, both for the individual and for the company.


New treatment model

We use a new treatment model, man manage, where we combine the latest data in neuroscience and psychology with modern health care in order to manage the problems of the individual.




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